Black Sails 2014

The pirate adventure Black Sails centers on the tales of Captain Flint and his men and takes place twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island”. Flint, the most brilliant and most feared pirate captain of his day, takes on a fast-talking young addition to his crew who goes by the name John Silver. Threatened with extinction on all sides, they fight for the survival of New Providence Island, the most notorious criminal haven of its day – a debauched paradise teeming with pirates, prostitutes, thieves and fortune seekers, a place defined by both its enlightened ideals and its stunning brutality.
S4:E10 - Black Sails

Flint makes a final push to topple England; Silver seals his fate; Rackham confronts Rogers; Nassau is changed forever.
S4:E9 - Black Sails

Silver and his men hunt for Flint on Skeleton Island; Madi receives an offer; Rogers struggles to hear Eleanor; Billy casts his lot.
S4:E8 - Black Sails

Flint and Miranda prepare for the worst, Silver has his eyes opened, and Eleanor discovers Max's secret. Meanwhile, Vane makes his move.
S4:E7 - Black Sails

Max cleans up after a massacre. News from the outside world changes everything for Flint and Silver, while Eleanor risks her life for the sake of her future.
S4:E6 - Black Sails

Eleanor brokers the peace, while Rackham learns the hard way. Flint breaks a promise and Bonny loses control.
S4:E5 - Black Sails

Silver takes Flint's life in his hands; Billy drives a wedge; Eleanor risks everything; Rogers makes a stunning appeal.
S4:E4 - Black Sails

Violence engulfs Nassau; Silver demands answers from Billy; Eleanor comes to Max's aid; Bonny and Rackham endure hell.
S4:E3 - Black Sails

Max runs afoul of the law; Rogers reckons with his past; Flint and Madi come to an understanding; Long John Silver returns.
S4:E2 - Black Sails

Flint gives in to Billy's authority; Eleanor has a plan for Rogers; Silver turns to an unlikely source for help; Max is put on notice.
S4:E1 - Black Sails

Season 4 weighs anchor with the invasion of Nassau resulting in catastrophe, while Teach and Rackham look to avenge the death of Charles Vane; and Eleanor gets acclimated to her new role.
S3:E10 - Black Sails

Rogers and his forces seek out the pirates; Bonny and Rackham face impossible odds; Silver demands answers from Flint; Billy crowns a king.
S3:E9 - Black Sails

Eleanor risks everything to save Rogers; Billy looks for allies; Vane faces judgment; Flint and Silver ready for war.
S3:E8 - Black Sails

Rogers is attacked during the moving of a prisoner; violence breaks out on the Walrus; Silver and Madi are tested; Billy envisions a new role for himself in the coming battle.
S3:E7 - Black Sails

Flint and Silver's return to Nassau results in the birth of a legend; a change in terms jeopardizes Rackham and Bonny; Vane's mission evolves; Eleanor confides in Rogers.
S3:E6 - Black Sails

Flint and Teach clash over the future of piracy; Rogers makes an arrest; Rackham finds new purpose; Madi comes to Silver's aid.
S3:E5 - Black Sails

Silver pushes Flint to take action as certain death looms; Teach instructs Vane how to move forward; a new threat puts Eleanor and Rogers on notice; Max makes a move.
S3:E4 - Black Sails

Civilization returns to Nassau; Flint, Silver and Billy meet a new enemy; Rackham takes a stand against his crew; Scott finds his place in the new regime.
S3:E3 - Black Sails

Silver is pushed to the limit by Flint; Nassau readies to fight back against an invasion; Rackham takes control while Max gets her house in order; Vane must make a difficult choice to avoid defeat.
S3:E2 - Black Sails

The Walrus crew is threatened by the elements; Teach and Rackham have a disagreement; Rogers and Eleanor set terms for their partnership; Bonny worries about her future with Max.
S3:E1 - Black Sails

In the wake of Charles Town, the world lives in fear of Captain Flint. But when his campaign of terror crosses over into madness, it falls to John Silver to locate the man within the monster. Meanwhile, with Eleanor Guthrie gone, Jack Rackham and Captain Charles Vane struggle to secure Nassau for the ages. All will be tested when a new threat arrives. It knows them. It understands them. And in the blink of an eye, it will turn them against each other.
S2:E10 - Black Sails

Flint receives aid from an unlikely ally; Vane's crew seeks a change; Silver makes a sacrifice.

S2:E9 - Black Sails

Flint and Miranda deal with their past; Vane claims a massive prize; Eleanor declares war.

S2:E8 - Black Sails

Flint and Miranda brace for the worst; Eleanor learns Max's secret; Vane makes his move.

S2:E7 - Black Sails

Max cleans up following a massacre; Flint and Silver receive surprising news from the outside world.

S2:E6 - Black Sails

Eleanor negotiates for peace; Rackham learns a lesson the hard way; Flint breaks a promise.

S2:E5 - Black Sails

Miranda tries to save the island; Eleanor opens old wounds; Vane deals with a problem.

S2:E4 - Black Sails

Vane is threatened by Flint; Eleanor picks a side; Silver rejoins an old friend.

S2:E3 - Black Sails

Flint encounters a problem upon returning to Nassau; an unlikely source provides Eleanor with help; Rackham tries to repair his reputation; Vane discovers a surprising prize.
S2:E2 - Black Sails

Flint offers advice to Dufresne; Silver attempts to make himself indispensable; Eleanor is requested to depose a captain; and Rackham turns ambitious.
S2:E1 - Black Sails

In the Season 2 premiere, Flint and Silver go before the crew to face judgment; Vane revels in his new position on the island; Max confronts Bonny; and Eleanor is faced with a new threat.
S1:E8 - Black Sails

The hunt for the Urca begins; things change for Eleanor; Bonny and Rackham are haunted by their past sins.
S1:E7 - Black Sails

Flint comes clean to Gates; Silver is put in a tough position by Randall; Eleanor experiences loss; Rackham gets help from Max; and Vane has a life-or-death encounter.
S1:E6 - Black Sails

Chasing the Andromache is a pricey endeavor; Eleanor needs help from Silver; Billy believes Gates should confront Flint; Bonny takes a stand.
S1:E5 - Black Sails

Flint and the Walrus crew play a chess match; Richard forces Eleanor's hand; Rackham makes a career change; Bonny confesses.
S1:E4 - Black Sails

The Walrus crew suffers a disastrous undertaking; Flint receives a warning about Billy; Eleanor turns to her father for help; Vane is visited by a figure from his past.
S1:E3 - Black Sails

Flint and Gates seek additional help in their search for the Urca d'Lima; Silver and Billy tackle a morale problem; Eleanor is impressed by Vane; Gates is promoted.
S1:E2 - Black Sails

Flint reveals a thief on his crew; Silver and Max hide in a brothel; Eleanor faces a difficult choice.
S1:E1 - Black Sails

Pirate Capt. Flint faces a mutiny from his own crew; John Silver hides something of great value; Eleanor keeps order on New Providence as the Royal Navy grows stronger.

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