Reasonable Doubt 2017

Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Melissa Lewcowicz help desperate families, convinced a loved one has been wrongfully convicted of murder. Each week Chris and Melissa investigate a new case. And each week they are forced to decide whether there's really been a wrongful conviction or whether the family needs to face the bitter truth that their loved one is guilty as charged . "Reasonable Doubt" is a hard-hitting, balanced and emotional look at the US criminal justice system.
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S1:E7 - Reasonable Doubt
A Sunday-school teacher is convicted of murdering her husband by spiking his sports drink with windshield washer fluid. Chris and Melissa investigate to see whether she has been the victim of a rush to judgment.
S1:E6 - Reasonable Doubt
Patty Wlasiuk dies after her truck plunges into a lake in 2002. While husband Peter insists it was a suicide attempt, a jury convicts him of Patty's murder. Chris and Melissa try to figure out what really happened.
S1:E5 - Reasonable Doubt
A preacher is ambushed and murdered, and his former lover is arrested and convicted of the crime, but the victim's dying words may be the key to exonerating the man he once loved.
S1:E4 - Reasonable Doubt
Police Sgt. James Kulbicki is convicted of murdering his pregnant teenage mistress. Chris Anderson and Melissa Lewkowicz attempt to figure out whether Kulbicki is innocent.
S1:E3 - Reasonable Doubt
David Johnson is serving hard time for a murder that took place at a New Year party, but his family insists he was a naive teenager who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
S1:E2 - Reasonable Doubt
Three firsts happened to Erick Westervelt in 2004 -- He fell in love, he had his heart broken, and he was charged with murder. Anderson and Lewkowicz investigate to see if there's enough evidence to prove his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.
S1:E1 - Reasonable Doubt
Rapper Mac Phipps was on the fast track to fame when a young fan was shot and killed at one of his concerts. Mac was convicted of the murder but his parents believe he's the victim of old fashioned southern justice.

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