The Blacklist 2013

Raymond "Red" Reddington, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, surrenders in person at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He claims that he and the FBI have the same interests: bringing down dangerous criminals and terrorists. In the last two decades, he's made a list of criminals and terrorists that matter the most but the FBI cannot find because it does not know they exist. Reddington calls this "The Blacklist".Reddington will co-operate, but insists that he will speak only to Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler.
S4:E21 - The Blacklist

Red tracks a high-end thief enlisted by Mr. Kaplan for a mysterious assignment; Aram faces a tough decision when agent Gale goes to extreme measures in his investigation into the Task Force's conduct.
S4:E20 - The Blacklist

Red turns to an unlikely source for help when a mercenary known as the Debt Collector goes after Liz; Ressler faces an unexpected problem while trying to stay ahead of Agent Gale's investigation.
S4:E19 - The Blacklist

Red sets the task force on the trail of a blacklister who has the tools to manipulate memories; Ressler receives a new lead on the disappearance of Justice Department official Reven Wright.
S4:E18 - The Blacklist

The task force pursues an artful bounty hunter who's targeting Red's closest associates. In other events, Ressler faces a moral dilemma when he teams with a former colleague for a new assignment.
S4:E17 - The Blacklist

Memories of the past set Red on a dangerous collision course with an enemy determined to destroy his criminal empire.
S4:E16 - The Blacklist

After weeks of hunting for Dembe, Red and the Task Force finally get a lead on his whereabouts when Aram goes missing. Meanwhile, Dembe takes a calculated risk as Red closes in.
S4:E15 - The Blacklist

After being given a dose of deadly poison, Red must find out which of his closest confidants betrayed him; Liz and the task force search for the toxin's designer in a desperate attempt to save Red.
S4:E14 - The Blacklist

Aram goes under cover as a hacker to find a criminal who designs and executes crimes for a price; Tom expands his search for details about his childhood; Red tries to find the source of his compromised business operations.
S4:E13 - The Blacklist

The Task Force tries to find a sophisticated criminal who has been targeting Red's businesses; a surprising event sets Tom on the hunt for information about his past.
S4:E12 - The Blacklist

The Task Force chases an elusive assassin who kills by imparting a fatal disease on her victims; Red enlists Tom for an undercover operation inside his criminal organization.
S4:E11 - The Blacklist

Liz infiltrates an elite gang of female thieves as they prepare for their next heist, but she must first prove herself to the group's leader. Meanwhile, unexpected problems plague Red's operations, and Tom focuses on fatherly duties.
S4:E10 - The Blacklist

A mysterious diorama depicts a future crime. Elsewhere, Red explores a new business opportunity.
S4:E9 - The Blacklist

Allegiances are tested when an investigation centers on an international terrorist operating in America. Meanwhile, Aram faces consequences when his girlfriend hacks into the FBI computer systems, and Red cashes in on a favor.
S4:E8 - The Blacklist

Red needs Dr. Shaw to locate a former patient; Liz considers her relationship to an increasingly unpredictable Alexander Kirk; Mr. Kaplan comes to a realization about her future.
S4:E7 - The Blacklist

Red directs the Task Force to an individual who provides new identities to criminals on the run; Alexander Kirk's health worsens; Liz seeks guidance from Cooper.
S4:E6 - The Blacklist

Red and Liz see an opportunity to take down Alexander Kirk's operation after Kirk hires a mysterious group that specializes in hacking the most secure computer systems in the world.
S4:E5 - The Blacklist

Red embarks on an operation to intercept Alexander Kirk; the Task Force races to locate a killer targeting inventors of revolutionary technology.
S4:E4 - The Blacklist

Red directs Liz and the task force onto the trail of an eco-terrorist with a link to Alexander Kirk; Tom takes control of a situation.
S4:E3 - The Blacklist

Red and the task force hunt down Miles McGrath, a criminal incubator who finances crime for profit; Liz discovers more about her family.
S4:E2 - The Blacklist

Red and the task force track an infamous bounty hunter who may have knowledge about criminal mogul Alexander Kirk's next move. Meanwhile, Liz struggles to decide whether Kirk is trustworthy.
S4:E1 - The Blacklist

Liz is abducted by a man claiming to be her father, prompting Red's desperate efforts to find her.
S3:E23 - The Blacklist

Reddington and the team get closer to the person responsible for Liz's death; a betrayal sends the team racing to save one of its own.
S3:E22 - The Blacklist

Reddington and the FBI close in on the mysterious criminal at the helm of recent tragic events; the team is forced to work outside the law to take down its enemy.
S3:E21 - The Blacklist

Reddington links a powerful woman to the recent tragic events, leading the task force to play a deadly game of cat and mouse to stop her from striking again.
S3:E20 - The Blacklist

An mysterious group that uses a worldwide satellite network to operate inflicts a devastating loss on the FBI task force; Reddington faces a ghost from his past.
S3:E19 - The Blacklist

A mysterious beauty on the run from unknown assailants accidentally crosses paths with Reddington and enlists his help to fight back against her attackers.
S3:E18 - The Blacklist

The task force depends on Red's unconventional methods to survive when tragedy puts a team member in grave danger; an unexpected complication could affect the future of Tom and Liz's baby.
S3:E17 - The Blacklist

The task force races to stop a catastrophe after discovering tactical nuclear weapons have been targeted by thieves; Tom and Liz make a decision that will change their relationship.
S3:E16 - The Blacklist

A person who maintains an impenetrable safety deposit vault for criminals is linked to the murder of a State Department official; Tom makes a risky move; Liz searches for more information about her mother.
S3:E15 - The Blacklist

Red realizes that a notorious killer is responsible when the founder of a successful Internet startup is found dead; Tom is in a dangerous situation; Liz considers her options.
S3:E14 - The Blacklist

A child who was missing and presumed dead turns out to be alive; Liz, Red and the task force search for a woman who may be abducting children; Tom faces shocking consequences.
S3:E13 - The Blacklist

Red, Liz and the task force try to stop a negotiator who has resurfaced with the intent of uniting two rival families; Tom and a former flame reconnect.
S3:E12 - The Blacklist

When Red's associate is killed with a rare medieval device, Red realizes a lethal vigilante group from the Middle Ages has been resurrected; Liz considers her next move after receiving shocking news.
S3:E11 - The Blacklist

Liz tries to reclaim her life; Red helps the task force infiltrate an assembly of high-level criminals in hopes of apprehending the leaders of lethal crime syndicates.
S3:E10 - The Blacklist

The Cabal prepares to assassinate Liz, triggering Red's call to the task force to outmaneuver the Cabal in a bid to exonerate her. Also: Red delivers a final ultimatum.
S3:E9 - The Blacklist

Part 1 of 2. Liz awaits trial as Red and Aram take risky measures to protect her.
S3:E8 - The Blacklist

Red lands in a dangerous situation -- and is unexpectedly separated from Liz; Samar decides to help Liz, despite the risks; Cooper and Tom continue their work to exonerate Liz.
S3:E7 - The Blacklist

A tragedy in Samar's past is brought to the surface during the hunt for an elusive international terrorist; the Cabal and the FBI make progress in their search for Red and Liz; Tom's plan to exonerate Liz hits a snag.
S3:E6 - The Blacklist

Red and Liz hear a trusted adviser of the Director has gone missing; Tom seeks the one man he thinks will be able to clear Liz's name.
S3:E5 - The Blacklist

The FBI and Reddington join forces to protect Liz when an enormous reward for her capture lures an unknown amount of unidentified assassins.
S3:E4 - The Blacklist

Red asks the task force to help find a woman who fulfills revenge fantasies, who he believes can lead them to the Cabal and one step closer to clearing Liz.
S3:E3 - The Blacklist

Liz and Red take a detour to the Midwest; Ressler, Aram and Samar accidentally uncover what could turn into a global food crisis; Cooper seeks help from an unexpected source.
S3:E2 - The Blacklist

Liz escapes to the Russian embassy as the FBI corners her and Red. Liz can trust no one but Red, who mobilizes a lawyer named Marvin Gerard to help them evade a difficult hostage situation. Meanwhile, the FBI tries to push Cooper out of the task force.
S3:E1 - The Blacklist

The FBI hunts for Liz for the murder of an attorney general in the Season 3 premiere. Also: Red and Liz try to flee the city with help from a Blacklister called the Troll Farmer; and Dembe is put in a perilous situation.
S2:E22 - The Blacklist

Red must use his connections to clear Liz's name when she realizes she is being framed by The Cabal.

S2:E21 - The Blacklist

Following intel from Red, the FBI find themselves one-step behind the most dangerous Russian Assassin, Karakurt, an enemy on U.S. soil. To avoid catastrophe, Liz and Ressler meet with Russian Counter-Intelligence who offer insight not only on Karakurt, but also on the identity of Liz's mother. Cooper finds himself in a compromising position.

S2:E20 - The Blacklist

After decoding information embedded in the fulcrum, Red must stop an imminent threat.

S2:E19 - The Blacklist

Red begs Liz to track down a figure from his past with knowledge of the Fulcrum.

S2:E18 - The Blacklist

The task force pursues a provocative frame-up artist who targets wealthy people.

S2:E17 - The Blacklist

The task force tracks a scientist who abducts disabled patients to conduct experiments on immortality. Now back in Washington, DC, Tom (Ryan Eggold) scrambles to save himself from new enemies.
S2:E16 - The Blacklist

As evidence builds against Liz, a judge makes it clear that she will face severe charges.

S2:E15 - The Blacklist

Liz is questioned as a murder suspect; Red seeks a former associate who could help Agent Keen.

S2:E14 - The Blacklist

Reddington is drawn into a deadly game with a wealthy and powerful family.

S2:E13 - The Blacklist

The task force targets a serial killer who tracks his victims like prey. Meanwhile, suspicions rise about a possible murder as Liz tries to keep her secret from being exposed.

S2:E12 - The Blacklist

A polygamous cult leader with dangerous shipping containers buried on his property disappears.

S2:E11 - The Blacklist

The task force must rescue an undercover CIA agent who was kidnapped by separatists in Uzbekistan.

S2:E10 - The Blacklist

Cooper struggles to save his team; Luther Braxton tries to attain confidential information.

S2:E9 - The Blacklist

When Red is arrested and held at a detention facility, Liz and the task force set out to save him.

S2:E8 - The Blacklist

Red and Berlin search for a high-ranking Russian official in Moscow.

S2:E7 - The Blacklist

A plot for revenge emerges after an Iranian nuclear scientist is assassinated.

S2:E6 - The Blacklist

Agent Keen asks Red for information about wildlife poachers after a mutilated corpse washes ashore.

S2:E5 - The Blacklist

An eco-terrorist cell searches for a destructive weapon; Liz tries to escape her guardian.

S2:E4 - The Blacklist

Several previously nonviolent citizens become killers; Red has a proposition for Naomi.

S2:E3 - The Blacklist

Keen and Ressler join forces with Samar Navabi to investigate Dr. Covington's operation.

S2:E2 - The Blacklist

A robbery provides Red with an opportunity to take down a questionable bank.

S2:E1 - The Blacklist

While continuing to battle Berlin, Red faces a new threat in the form of Lord Baltimore.

S1:E22 - The Blacklist

Conclusion. In the Season 1 finale, authorities pursue prisoners who are on the run after their transport plane crashes. Liz hopes to enlist Red to help track down all the escapees, particularly the mysterious prisoner Berlin.
S1:E21 - The Blacklist

Knowing the truth about her father, Liz refuses to work with Red; Red brings in a compelling case.

S1:E20 - The Blacklist

Red thinks a strategist is responsible when a politician in Prague is framed for murder.
S1:E19 - The Blacklist

The team tries to protect a target of the Pavlovich brothers -- specialists in abductions.
S1:E18 - The Blacklist

Red and the team search for a life insurance claim adjuster who talks people into becoming contract killers; Liz and Red try to uncover Tom's secrets.
S1:E17 - The Blacklist

After a cyber defense asset is stolen by a terrorist only known as Ivan, Red and Liz discover a cover-up; new evidence regarding Jolene's disappearance unravels some of the mystery surrounding Tom.
S1:E16 - The Blacklist

Red targets a past associate, a crime lord who then seeks revenge after escaping from prison. Elsewhere, Tom confronts Jolene.
S1:E15 - The Blacklist

A prosecutor is found after being missing for 12 years, prompting Red to target "The Judge" (Dianne Wiest), who allegedly oversees an underground criminal appeals process that punishes those who have wrongly imprisoned others. Meanwhile, Red scrutinizes a woman who tempts Tom in Orlando.
S1:E14 - The Blacklist

Liz helps Tom adjust to the impending adoption; Red reveals a woman from his past is a target; Red convinces Liz to pull off a heist at the Syrian Embassy.
S1:E13 - The Blacklist

Red informs Liz an illegal adoption agency is responsible for a recent spate of baby abductions; Liz and Tom contemplate adoption.
S1:E12 - The Blacklist

The team goes undercover to pursue the Alchemist, who uses science to transform DNA and who's been assigned to protect a mob informant. Elsewhere, Liz targets an unlikely couple; Tom and Liz's relationship is tested; and Ressler faces a big decision.
S1:E11 - The Blacklist

Internal affairs tries to find the mole on the team; Red takes off on a mission to find who betrayed him; a serial killer from Liz's past strikes again.
S1:E10 - The Blacklist

Conclusion. Liz infiltrates the black site, but trouble looms large. Meanwhile, Red sets out to bargain with blacklist target Anslo Garrick as Ressler's destiny hangs in the balance, and Tom grows increasingly concerned about Liz's situation.
S1:E9 - The Blacklist

Anslo Garrick (Ritchie Coster), the newest person on the blacklist, tries to capture Red; Liz is caught in an elevator.
S1:E8 - The Blacklist

A plot to destroy the U.S. financial system is uncovered by Liz. Meanwhile, Tom helps Liz when a family member becomes ill.
S1:E7 - The Blacklist

The FBI searches for the man responsible for a chemical attack on a subway; Liz wants to avoid Red after he implicated Tom.
S1:E6 - The Blacklist

Tom claims he is innocent and wants to turn the box into the FBI; Red's next target is a beautiful and deadly corporate terrorist.
S1:E5 - The Blacklist

Red and the FBI try to stop a dangerous messenger whose appearance is unknown; Liz is thrust into a kidnapping plot.
S1:E4 - The Blacklist

When a witness in a case against a drug lord goes missing, Red informs the team that the witness may have been taken by The Stewmaker; Red and Ressler work together for the first time.
S1:E3 - The Blacklist

The FBI searches for a high-ranking Chinese spy named Wujing -- whom Red claims hired him to help decode a classified CIA transmission; Liz investigates Tom.
S1:E2 - The Blacklist

Red and Liz go under cover to stop an assassin known as The Freelancer from killing his next target; Ressler and a recently re-hired CIA agent try to protect Red from a distance; Liz wonders what she should do about Tom and the mysterious box.
S1:E1 - The Blacklist

The race to stop a terrorist begins in the premiere of this crime series about a most-wanted fugitive who works with a rookie FBI profiler to take down criminals and evildoers.

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